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Nordstar Optician Alanya Company Profile

Brief history of Nordstar Optician Shop

Nordstar Optician Alanya

Our shop has started to activities in 1999 and during this period we tried to keep the tradition of succesful companies in this area.

-What was the reason of success?
-Quality and reasonable prices was always our politic. Happy customer was our target and we kept this philosophy for all these years.

-What we do?
-We always keep the quality and good prices, what make our customers happy and they always come back to our shop, either to buy or just to visit us.

-What are plans and goals of nordstar optician for future?
-Keeping high quality in trend of modern technology which is fastly changing every year.
-Working only with the best international lens and frame companies.
-Keeping reasonable and competitive prices.
-Being in constant contract with customers and listening them, trying to add or change something in nordstar for furher.

-What we technically provide to our customers.
-Thickness of lenses module
-Crizal (UV) antireflection module
-Progressive lenses module
-Sunglasses lenses module
-Crizal transitions (colormatic) module

-What We Sell?
-Progressive (ver focal) glasses
-Reading glasses
-Long distance glasses
and various brands of sun glasses.

Time for us is very important and also our customers are usually short with time, therefore we can deliver glasses in maximum short time.

Progressive glasses in 2 days
Reading and long distance glasses in one day

So everybody is welcome to visit us in Nordstar Optician Shop.

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